Frutos del Mar Estepona




The founder is K.P. Helder MSc. agricultural engineer from Wageningen University (Netherlands), with experience in various international fisheries and aquaculture projects and with 14 years of experience in scallop culture in Estepona waters. He is Dutch, married with two children, a team player and soloist and can communicate in 5 languages.
He is a founding member of the Andalucian Mollusc Growing Association (APROMO). Maintains good relationships with the fishermen guild and with local and regional authorities and national and international specialised scallop scientists.

Frutos del Mar has a 25 hectare sea lease. This lease is situated in very nutrient rich waters (upwelling) with a constant ideal culture temperature and strong currents providing high levels of dissolved oxygen. The lease is protected from activities of fishing boats and situated in type A waters.
Estepona lies in the heart of the Costa del Sol, one of Spain´s largest tourist areas.



The company is owned and managed by K.P. (Palu) Helder and A.C. (Jeroen) van Stokkom. Both Palu and Jeroen are of dutch origin and have a MSC degree in Aquaculture and Fisheries from the Wageningen Agriculture university in the Netherlands.
After their graduations in the early 90ties Palu has done several consultancy and management Jobs related to Aquaculture in Africa and South America and has founded and been involved in Frutos del Mar in the last decade. Jeroen has joined Frutos del Mar since September 2017. During his formar carreer he was co-owner and director of fish feed company Coppens International bv/gmbh based in the Netherlands and Germany.
Frutos del Mar produces the tastiest and rarest scallops available and abundant and unique scallop-shell material. It offers its know-how  to build scallop farms all over the world. It organizes informative and recreational excursions to visit the sea lease for divers and groups of tourists.


The time is right for sustainable eco-friendly marine aquaculture. Fish stocks are overfished and the European Commission is actively stimulating aquaculture as an alternative to extractive fisheries. 
The culture of scallops is sustainable and eco-friendly because we do not have to feed our scallops.
Frutos del Mar is the first company to specifically breed variegated scallops. 
We produce our scallops in the heart of the market.
Our team and founder have 12 years of experience breeding scallops in open sea conditions.
  • Aquaculture production is growing world wide in relation to  traditional fisheries in decline.
  • Fresh fish consumption will keep rising in the future
  • Fish prices will keep rising in the future.
  • Variegated scallop is an exquisite and high value consumption shellfish.
  • The sea lease is situated in type A waters.
  • Variegated scallops are not caught by fishing boats.