Frutos del Mar Estepona
Scallops bred in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea
Frutos del Mar Estepona focusses on the sustainable and ecological marine aquaculture of variegated scallop (​​Chlamys varia), offering a viable alternative to the extractive fisheries in decline, creating wealth for the company and the local economy and creating direct and indirect labour.
The business model of the company is in accordance with the EU2014 Common Fisheries Policy requirements.
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Frutos del Mar builds turn-key scallop farms in open and closed water situations.
We advocate for Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture Projects( IMTA). Solving a mayor problem for mono-culture fish farming, where food loss and its accumulation on the sea bed depletes oxygen levels and polutes the environment. By hanging scallops under  fish pens this waste is recycled and turned into high quality scallop meat. 
Frutos del Mar breeds high quality and high value consumption scallops in its 25 hectare open sea scallop farm in the Meditarranean Sea. Variegated scallop are called zamburiña in Spain. They are very sougth after shell fish on the markets of the Costa del Sol, the North of Spain and France.  



In the last years we have not only observed an increase of abundant fish schools hiding in our sea lease, but also a revival of the sea bed. Settling organisms, vegetation and abundant benthic animals are thriving now, taking cover among and on the culture structures, protected from the destructive effects of the fisheries. 
Frutos offers the possibility to tourists and divers to visit the site and experience and enjoy forming part of our abundant sea live.
Our  Ornamental shells are unique. They differ in size, colour, pattern and form. We produce ornamental shells for three species of scallops: King scallop, Queen scallop and Flexopecten. All cultured in a sustainable and ecological way on the bottom of the sea. 
We have developed culture and handling methods that allow us to produce scallop shells of very high quality: flawless shells that always consist of their two original valves. This provides the product with incredible strength and great resistance to wear and tear despite its small size and delicate appearance.
The Frutos del Mar team consists of aquacultural engineers,  the most skillfull and motivated local fishermen, their wives and local divers .